APRIL, 2016 Vol. 13, No. 02

APRIL, 2016 Vol. 13, No. 02

  1. Role of ALAD isoforms in anemia and correlation of blood lead level with hemoglobin concentration in automobile paint workers of Karachi, Pakistan.
    Sadia Sadaf and Maqsood Ali Ansari

  2. Genotypic variation among indigenous common buckwheat of baltistan based on SDS-Page.
    Ishtiaq Hussain, Asghari Bano, Faizan Ullah, Muhammad Ali and Sikandar Khan Sherwani

  3. Morphological studies on trichome of family Asteraceae.
    Anjum Perveen, Muneeba Khan, Shazia Mansuri and Tabeer Tabassum

  4. Receptacle micro-characters and their taxonomic significance for the tribe Gnaphalieae (Asteraceae) from Pakistan and Kashmir.
    Rubina Abid and Afsheen Ather

  5. Cultural conditions for the increased production of industrial enzyme by Mucor geophillus Oudem. alongwith partial purification and characterization.
    Kashif Ahmed, Tahira Ashraf and Shamsa Naz

  6. Screening of promising Brassica napus L. Genotypes for callus induction and regeneration.
    Khalil Ahmad, Abdullah Jalal, Hala Rajab, Mazhar Ullah and Muhammad Sayyar Khan

  7. Frequency of bacterial and viral diseases, and morbidity in broiler breeder strains: a major farmer problem.
    Tahir Hameed, Mohammad Zahid Mustafa, Farhat Abbass Bukhari, Nadeem Rashid, Irshad Ali, Zia-ud-Din, Babar Hilal, Asadullah and Taseer Ahmed Khan

  8. Root morphology and seedling growth of three Malvaceous salt tolerant plants at saline rhizosphere.
    Zahida N. Gohar, Rafiq Ahmad and D. Khan

  9. Antibacterial activities and elemental analysis of some seaweeds collected from Karachi coast.
    Kashif Ahmed, Tahira Ashraf and Shamsa Naz

  10. Impact of phosphorus levels and application methods on growth, quality and quantity of biomass produced by forage maize.
    M. Umar Farooq, Asif Iqbal, M. Javaid Akhter, M. Ahmed Waqas*, M. Maqsood and M. Usman Anees

  11. Records of occurrence of three species of Scleractinian coral from Pakistan.
    Muhammad Moazzam and Naseem Moazzam

  12. Abundance of freshwater zooplankton and physico -chemical parameters in Quaid-e-Azam park lake, Karachi, Pakistan.
    Shahina Rao, B. Mukhtar and S.H. Hasany

  13. Implication of role of statistics in fish taxonomy.
    Musarrat-ul-Ain, Rehana Yasmeen Farooq, Zubia Masood and Bushra Saleem

  14. Episthmium jamshorensis sp.n., (Trematoda:Echinostomatidae) from the bird Egretta garzetta (little egret) in Sindh, Pakistan.
    S. Bushra, N. Das Sanjota, R. R Ghazi and Aly Khan

  15. Potential vector of diseases: Musca domestica L. and toxic effects of neem extracts.
    Habiballah Rana, M. Farhanullah Khan, Hina Qasim, M. Faheem Akbar , Jahangir Khan Achakzai , M. Sohail Khan, S. Naveed Ahmed Hashmi and Tariq Javed

  16. Influence of different colours on the effectiveness of water pan traps to capture insects in mustard ecosystem.
    Muhammad Ali Khanzada, Abdul Qayoom Rajput, Rehana Naz Syed, Anam Khanzada and Aziz Ahmed Ujjan

  17. Effect of salinity on seed germination of some Malvaceous species.
    Zahida N. Gohar and Rafiq Ahmad

  18. Biological activities of olive leaves extract from Nabali Baladi variety against lipid and protein oxidation.
    K. Al-Marazeeq, M.S.Y. Haddadin, B. Abdulla and J.S. Haddadin

  19. Comparison of surfactants prepared from skin fleshings waste: a statistical approach.
    Beena Zehra and Syed Shahid Shaukat

  20. Seedling ornamentation of Peristrophe paniculata (Forssk.) Brummitt (Acanthaceae).
    D. Khan and M. Javed Zaki

  21. Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi from some coastal plants of Karachi (Pakistan).
    Abdul Rauf, D. Khan and M. Javed Zaki

  22. To Evaluate the Effect of Electrical Stimulation in Bell’s Palsy.
    Wakash Lal, Farhan Ishaque, Samreen Yasmeen, Ferkhanda Imdad, Saeed Ahmed Shaikh,, d Umair Nawaz, Shagufta Ishtiaq and Narendar Kumar