JULY, 2016 Vol. 13, No. 03

JULY, 2016 Vol. 13, No. 03

  1. Variation of Carbonic Anhydrase (CA) isozyme in muscles of five species of Portunid crabs found in coastal waters of Pakistan.
    Noor Us Saher, Farah Naz, Syeda Mariam Siddiqa and Mustafa Kamal

  2. Enviroment friendly (green) method for the synthesis of zinc nanoparticles by using Conocarpus erectus leaves extract.
    Kashif Ahmed, Hafiz Abdul Rehman, Azeem Arif Aziz, Shumaila Meraj and Niaz Ahmed

  3. Prevalence of subclinical mastitis in sheep caused by bacterial species in Tandojam, Sindh.
    Najma Rahu, Rahmatullah Rind, Muhammad Saleem Kalhoro, Dildar Hussain Kalhoro, Fahmida Parveen, Mansoor Tariq, Shoaib Ahmed Pirzado,, Riaz Ahmed Leghari and Salma Kalhoro

  4. Assessment of genetic diversity in exotic germplasm of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by using PCA and cluster analysis.
    Shazia Parveen, Tasveer Zahra Bokhari, Muhammad Faheem Siddiqui, Manzoor Hussain and Faheem Iqbal

  5. Leaf architecture, ornamentation and leaf area estimation in exotic Medicago sativa L. (Papilionaceae) – grown in Pakistan.
    D. Khan, Zoya Baig and Moinuddin Ahmed

  6. In vitro and greenhouse response of different wheat lines against salinity stress.
    Mohammad Sayyar Khan, Ujala Mehtab, Mazharullah and Muhammad Adnan

  7. Nutrient requirement of Jatropha cultivars of diversified origin.
    Ali Sher Chandio, Muhammad Siddique Depar, Behari Lal Meghwar, Muhammad Waseem Kalroo, Attaullah Khan Pathan, Abdul Hameed Solangi, Parwaiz Ahmed Rind and Nisar Ahmed Soomro

  8. Acute toxicity of organophosphate pesticides on juveniles of the marine fish (Oreochromis mossambicus).
    Gul-e-Zehra Naqvi and Nafisa Shoaib

  9. Evaluation of bioefficacy of Gliricidia sepium (Jacq.) Steud. against rice field rat, Bandicota bengalensis Gray & Hardwicke.
    Syeda Azra Tariq, Rahila Nazli, Amjad Pervez and Hina Zafar

  10. Evaluation of phyllospheric bacterial community in some medicinal plants and their antimicrobial activity.
    Amna Ali, Muhammad Ashfaq, Muhammad Saleem Haider, Rahila Hafeez and Muhammad Ali

  11. Effect of different temperatures on post-harvest rots of banana.
    M. Talha Azeem, Saleem Shahzad and Nasreen Sultana

  12. Effect of micronutrients on growth and fruit yield of grape cultivar flame seedless.
    Sibtain Shah, Attiqulla Khan, Muhammad Ali Khan, Muhammad Farooq, Muhammad Imran, M.R. Chattha, Khalid Farooq and Zulifqar Gurmani

  13. Antibacterial Effectiveness of Commercially Available Hand Sanitizers.
    Aliya Hayat and Fizza Munnawar

  14. Effect of various concentrations of plant regulators on meristem culture of potato cultivars (Solanum tuberosum L.).
    Abolfazl Rashidi Asl, Samira Moradi and Sasan Farhangian

  15. First record of two brachuryan crabs Arcania cornuta (Macgilchrist, 1905) and Cryptopodia echinosa Chiong and Ng, 1998 from Pakistan.
    Muhammad Moazzam and Quddusi B. Kazmi

  16. First record of stargazer snake eel Brachysomophis cirrocheilos (Family Ophichthidae) from Pakistani water.
    Syeda Kashifa Zohra and Hamid Badar Osmany

  17. A new record of occurrence of Scleractinian coral Cyathelia axillaris (Ellis & Solander, 1786) from Pakistan coast.
    Muhammad Moazzam and Naseem Moazzam

  18. Role of leptin in hypertension: A short review.
    Abdulhalim S. Serafi, Mohammed A. Bafail and Zahir Hussain

  19. Occurrence of Gonodactylellus affinis (de Man, 1902) (Crustacea, Stomatopoda, Gonodactylidae) in Pacha beach, Sindh (Pakistan).
    Quddusi B. Kazmi

  20. Frass of saproxylic-cerambycid larvae from dead twigs of Acacia stenophylla A. Cunn. Ex. Benth. and its effects on germination and seedling growth of Lactuca sativa L. var. Grand rapids.
    D. Khan, Zulfiqar Ali Sahito, Shahnaz Dawar and M. Javed Zaki

  21. Mathematical modeling of scoliosis indicators in growing children.
    Syed Arif Kamal, Syed Kausar Raza and Maqsood Sarwar

  22. Effect of enhanced UV-b radiation, allelopathy and their combined stress on germination, seedling growth, pigments and amylase activity in Vigna radiata.
    Naila Waseem and S. Shahid Shaukat

  23. Description oftwo new species Helicotylenchus siddiqii n. sp. and Paratylenchus (Paratylenchus) karachiensis n. sp. (Nematoda: Tylenchida) from Sindh, Pakistan.
    Zarina Begum and Shaheen Akhter