JULY, 2017 Vol. 14, No. 03

JULY, 2017 Vol. 14, No. 03

  1. Cardioprotective effect of Cheilocostus specosus (Koen ex. Retz.) Against isoproterenol induced myocardial toxicity in rats.
    Abdulrahman A I Al-Yahya

  2. Dose estimation, conversion and translation from animal to human and human to animal for clinical and animal studies.
    Noor Kamil and Saba Kamil

  3. Medical criteria for induction into the armed forces of Pakistan: cutoff heights for still-growing youth.
    Syed Arif Kamal, Shakeel Ahmed Ansari, Maqsood Sarwar and Ashfaq Ali Naz

  4. Screening of different growth media for extracellular synthesis of silver nanoparticles using Aspergillus niger.
    Muhammad Shahab Alam, Zile Huma, Rozeena Shaikh, Ghazala Shaheen and Muhammad Mushtaq

  5. A Comparison of the radial growth of Aspergillus niger on various culture media prepared by the plant based extracts and Potato Dextrose Agar.
    Sadiah Saleem and Tasneem Adam Ali

  6. Evaluation of antimicrobial preservative efficacy of Sodium Perborate in Sodium Chloride nasal drops in comparison with Benzalkonium Chloride.
    Syeda Rima Ishaq and Tasneem Adam Ali

  7. Frequency distribution of ABO blood groups and Rh (D) factor in the female population of District Multan.
    Muhammad Zafar and Muhammad Khalil Ahmad Khan

  8. Impact of seasonal and geographical variation on the male call song structure of the common house cricket Acheta domesticus L.
    Abid Hussain, Nasreen Khan and Imtiaz Ahmad

  9. Species composition analysis of marine centric diatom after Tasman Spirit Oil Spill.
    Asma Tabassum, Hina Baig, Syed Shahid Shaukat and Aliya Rehman

  10. Seed and seedling characteristics of sponge gourd (Luffa cylindrica (L.) Roem.).
    D. Khan, Muhammad Javed Zaki and Shumaila Moin

  11. Pods, seeds and seedlings of shoe string Acacia (Acacia stenophylla A. Cunn. Ex. Benth.) growing in Karachi, Pakistan.
    D. Khan and Zulfiqar Ali Sahito

  12. Evaluation of heavy metals contamination in mangrove sediments and their allied fiddler crab species (Austruca sindensis (Alcock, 1900) from Hawks bay, Karachi, Pakistan.
    Noor Us Saher and Asmat Saleem Siddiqui

  13. Amphioxus- Branchiostoma (Chordata: Cephalochordata) : First report of its occurrence from the intertidal soft sediment benthic habitat of Clifton beach, Karachi, Pakistan (Northern Arabian Sea).
    Saira Ishaq and Ghazala Siddiqui

  14. New record of Dogtooth tuna Gymnosarda unicolor Ruppell (Family: Scombridae), from Pakistani water.
    Hamid Badar Osmany, Kashifa Zohra and Hina Manzoor

  15. Salinity induced variability in sodium and proline and its correlation with grain yield in rice (Oryza sativa L.).
    Aisha Shereen, Asma and S. Mumtaz

  16. YH-1898: A new high yielding, high temperature tolerant local yellow maize (Zea mays L.) hybrid.
    Aamir Ghani, Muhammad Irfan Yousaf, Muhammad Arshad, Khadim Hussain, Shahid Hussain, Mian Tanweer Mukhtar, Aamir Hussain and Saleem ur Rehman

  17. Differential growth and phosphorus uptake by wheat cultivars at different P levels.
    Parvez Khan, Wisal Muhammad and Muhammad Imtiaz

  18. The risk and hazards of pesticides related to lack of awareness in dealers community.
    Tahir Anwar, Jawed Naseem, Rashida Fakhruddin Broacha, Seema Tahir and Imtiaz Ahmad

  19. High performance liquid chromatographic determination of pesticide residues in the blood and resultant health issues in the people of Karachi - Pakistan.
    Farkhunda Iftekhar and M. Arshad Azmi

  20. Hydatidosis--an emerging zoonosis.
    Samar Sajjad, Nasira Khatoon and Arsalan Ahmed