OCTOBER, 2018 Vol. 15, No. 04

OCTOBER, 2018 Vol. 15, No. 04

  1. Identification of dysregulated genes in idiopathic inflammatory myopathy mRNA data using computational methods.
    Syeda Hira Seemab, Khalida Naveed, Mahwish Saleem, Ayesha Majid, Syeda Marium Ali

  2. Validation of concept of optimal mass in children and adults — The seventh-generation solution of childhood obesity.
    Syed Arif Kamal

  3. Assessment of serum enzyme levels in various muscular dystrophy conditions.
    Humayun Imran Azeemi, Basit Ansari and Junaid Mahmood Alam

  4. Occurrence and distribution of commercially available pesticides and harmful bacteria at Western backwater of Karachi coast, Pakistan.
    Muti-ur-Rahman, Moazzam Ali Khan, S. Shahid Shaukat and Aamir Alamgir

  5. Involvement of antioxidants and total phenolics in Glycine max L. resistance and susceptibility to charcoal rot
    Amna Shoaib, Zoia Arshad Awan and Kashif Ali Khan

  6. Antifungal phyto-components in n-butanol fraction of leaf extract of Kochia indica Wight.
    Sidra Javed, Arshad Javaid and Muhammad Zahid Qureshi

  7. Antimicrobial effects of different solvent extracted samples of leaves and roots of Verbascum Thapsus L. (common mullein).
    Ishaq Khan, Mohammad Sayyar Khan, Mazhar Ullah, Ismail Khan, Waqar Ahmed and Sayed Usman Ali Shah

  8. Antagonistic activity of Rhizobium isolates to fungus Sclerotium rolfsii Sacc. causing collar rot of sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.).
    Abdul Rasheed Jatoi, Aziz Ahmed Ujjan, Nadia Ramzan, Nayara Naureen, Rabia A. Memon, Mumtaz Saand and Saleem Shahzad

  9. Antimicrobial resistance profile and gender wise prevalence of Eschrichia coli in clinical specimen, at Khairpur Sindh, Pakistan.
    Shahida Mangi, Anwar Hussain Phulpoto, Muneer Ahmed Qazi, Majid Ali Maitlo, Rafique Ahmed Channa and Nisar Ahmed Kanhar

  10. Anti-Inflammatory and anti-oxidant activities of methanolic extract of medicinal plants from Balochistan.
    Saima Mehar, Maryam Shabbir Iqra Anam, Noureen Khan, Shazia Iqbal and Farooq Saleem

  11. Desensitization of methylphenidate– induced behavioral sensitization in rats treated with modafinil.
    Muhammad Farhan, Sana Wali, Hamna Rafiq, Fatima Riaz and Darakshan Jabeen Haleem

  12. Seed mass variation in seed lots of fifteen germplasms of guar [Cyamopsis tetragonoloba (L.) Taub.].
    D. Khan, Ishrat Jahan, Lal Hussain Akhtar, M. Javed Zaki and R. Minhas

  13. Sound producing organs of Acheta khanpurensis Khan and Ahmad 2016 with its value in confirmation of taxonomic identification of Acheta species.
    Nasreen Khan and Imtiaz Ahmad

  14. Physico-chemical characterization of sugar industries effluent in Sindh, Pakistan.
    Lubna Rafique, Hashim Zubauri and Tariq Masood Ali Khan

  15. Forest-fire burned area mapping using combinations of spectral indices as membership function in object-based image analysis (OBIA).
    Maham Kainat, Atif Shahzad, Suhaib Bin Farhan, Syed Jamil Hasan Kazmi, Syed Shahid Shaukat, Saima Shaikh and Adnan Aziz

  16. Pest control potential of halophyte medicinal plant Salvadora persica L. against wheat pest Tribolium confusum Jacquelin Du Val.
    Nimra Qureshi, M. Farhanullah Khan, Uzma Ali and Tariq Javed

  17. Allelopathic potential of Seriphidium leucotrichum: A weed of the family Asteraceae from Skardu region, Pakistan.
    Zamarrud Fatima Tajuddin, S. Shahid Shaukat, Farah Naz, Waqar Ahmed and Noreen Noor

  18. Distribution and Status of the Vertebrate Biodiversity of Korangi and Phitti Creeks, Karachi Coast, Sindh, Pakistan.
    M. Zaheer Khan, Ubaid Ullah, Roohi Kanwal, Afsheen Zehra and Salman Zubair

  19. Zoanthids (Cnidaria: Verrill, 1865) dwelling the four rocky habitats along the Pakistan coast.
    Syeda Sobia Nasir, Haroon Khan and Nuzhat Afsar

  20. Ethno-medicinal Exploration of Buxus papillosa C. K. Schneid. (Antioxidant, Antimicrobial and Anthelmintic activities).
    Arusa Aftab, Zill-e-Huma Aftab, Zaheer-ud Din Khan, Zubaida Yousaf, Hamna Yasin and Farah Khan

  21. Animal preferences and palatability of vegetation of Kalash valley, district Chitral, Hindukush range, Pakistan.
    Fazal Hadi and Muhammad Ibrar

  22. Association of blood pressure, BMI and plasma leptin levels in young normal weight male university students.
    Abdulhalim S. Serafi, Zahir Hussain, Gamal H. Osman, Mohammed A. Bafail, Sumera Sohail and Aisha Javaid

  23. Health hazards of frequent junk food consumption in young females .
    Samia Mushtaq, Yumna Mussaddiq, Lubna Naz, Sadia Aslam, Nazish Iqbal Khan and Gulab Shahzadi

  24. Bio concrete: An overview.
    Shumaila Jawaid, Kashif Ahmed and Muhammad Aslam Bhutto